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Welcome to 56th (2018 Autumn) China International Machinery Exposition. To avoid queuing time on site and get the visitor badge easily, please use our Online Registration System to submit your personal information. After registration online, a unique pre-registration ID and a barcode will be sent to both your email and mobile. Print it out and take it to the show site to exchange for the formal visitor badge.

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Pharmaceutical Preparation Machinery and Equipment Machinery and Equipment for API

Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery Pharmaceutical Inspection Instrument

Sliced Herbal Medicine Machinery

Water and Gas (Steam) Treatment Equipment for Pharmaceutical Use

Pharmaceutical Milling Machinery Design & Engineering Laboratory Equipment

Process Automation & Machine Vision Other Pharmaceutical Machinery and Equipment

2. Type of Your Company

International Joint-venture Domestic

3. Main Business Category

Pharmaceutical Machinery Pharmaceutical Producer Bio-pharmaceuticals

Pesticide Veterinary Drugs Healthcare

Food & Beverage Cosmetics Fine Chemical R & D

New Drug Research Pharmaceutical Engineering Packaging Material

Pharmacy Hospital and Medication Media


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