本公司组建成为海因克尔干燥分离集团已有130年的历史。为过滤和离心技术真空干燥和搅拌,提供创新和可靠的方案。 我们的品牌,如BOLZ-SUMMIX, COMBER 和 HEINKEL在世界范围内享有盛誉。 我们的跨国公司集团在医药,精细化工,化工,化学制药,食品产业拥有最为广泛的产品范围。 我们专门从事设计、制造、销售高品质的固液分离的设备和系统,并提供综合性售后服务。 完整的系统方案包括离心机,干燥机,特定流程设备,和通用控制系统,海因克尔集团作为总供应厂商将为您提供全套设备。 The companies making up the HEINKEL DRYING AND SEPARATION GROUP between them have over 130 years of expe- rience, offering innovative and dependable solutions in filtration and centrifugal technology, nutsche and vacuum drying and mixing. Our brands BOLZ-SUMM IX, COMBER, and HEINKEL have excellent reputation around the world. This group of international companies boasts one of the widest products ranges for the pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, chemical and food products industries. We are specialized in designing, manufacturing, selling and providing comprehensive after-sales service for high quality components and full systems for separating solids from liquids. Complete system solutions comprising of a centrifuge, dryer and specific process equipment, with common control system can be integrated seamlessly for you by the Heinkel Group in our role as general supplier.

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邮箱: info@heinkelchina.com


  • 单锥螺旋干燥机本公司的此款单锥螺旋干燥机,是真空接容量:1000 Ltr 体积密度:最大0.437.00  详情
  • 翻袋式离心机通过完全密封离心转鼓和全自动化、不间转鼓直径(mm):1000 过滤面积(㎡)350.00  详情
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